The connected live of ants, brains, cities, and software by Steven Johnson

The ideas of emergence from Steven Johnson text have encouraged me to understand the digital logics in which human learn from nature, environment, and societies by observing the ants, the human brains, and the cities then we take the logics create simulations using computer software and apply to many systems for instance the idea of swarm ants can be used for automatic driving car that apply how ants communicate by using pheromone into algorithm for computer. At the same time, the computer simulations are taking the brain logic that works with many variables in the networks which are similar to our nerves. Moreover, the ant colonies can be compared with the cities which are diverse in term of human who can make decisions but the ants can do only what they have to do by follow the signals and decide how to do locally and they learn from the other colonies.

I am interested in how ants work because they have same process to build the colonies, and find food but they get different result. On the other hand, the cities that we are living today are predictable, and have no more challenging or surprising. My question is what if we have some part of the cities that have the same system as the ants to get new experiences in the cities which are unique in different area.

Nowadays we have capability to explore many things and the significant thing is how we can create it because I believe that if we don’t have any references, we can’t create or develop something new.