Group9-Photo Our proposal combines hanging strings and hydroponic system in order to augment farming in the northern part of Barcelona- Torre Baro which is mostly a numb site with limited human activity and some rough bushes and shrubs along the terrain. The concept originated from the principle of a curve that an idealized hanging chain or cable assumes under its own weight when supported only at its ends. This experiment uses similar idea by hanging metal weights on strings suspended from the edge of the frame. The weights keeps the strings in full tension and also gives it distinct shapes depending on its position. DSC00415 This is further developed with hydroponic system where the plants are grown in water without soil. This is an efficient system which greatly reduces the water consumption and also productivity in limited space and time. Plants grow best when they have a direct relationship with sunlight in order to have healthier and faster growth. Thus we decided to mount the system on the string arches. The movement of these arches with respect to sunlight at different times of the day doesn’t allow plants to cast their shadows on one another so that all of them can benefit by having maximum sun exposure. The solar radiation diagram was made for the chosen site to find an area to plant the system. Since it is elevated we chose the area which has the least solar exposure in order to change the solar exposure diagram of the site.