Prosolve370e is a decorative architectural module that can effectively reduce air pollution in cities when installed near traffic ways or on building facades.



1.Create a rectange on the XZ plane
2.Populate the 2D region with points in order to have the number of cells
3.Create the Voronoi
4.Cull the indexes on the edges of the rectangle to obtain an irregular shape
5.Find the center points of the Voronoi cells
6.Scale the Voronoi cells
7.Move the curves in the Y direction to create the thickness of the structure
8.Use simplified graft tree
9.Merge data
10.Create lofts from the previously made curves
11.Join the surfaces with Breo Join
12.Create a Delaunay Mesh
13.Find the Face Polylines of the Mesh
14.Extrude the lines in Y direction
15.Split the previously created 3D Voronoi wiht the polylines
16.Create separate meshes from the cut pieces
17.Merge mesh data
18.Join the meshes
19.Use Catmull-Clarke Subdivision
20.Deconstruct mesh in order to use the gradient
21.Color the mesh




Parametric Facade is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018/19 by:
Students: Eszter Olah
Tutors: Rodrigo Aguirre, David Andres Leon
Assistant: Daniil Koshelyuk