IMG_7087IMG_7079IMG_7067IMG_7032IMG_7055IMG_7092IMG_7031IMG_9761IMG_9764IMG_9766The considerations above books and our project are mostly about their duality. Back and front, when they are open, hard and soft, inner and outer parts, or lighter and whiter in, heavier and darker out…or even flexible the pages, motionless the cover. Though this we came directly with a main division of this two parts, imaging the cover as the strong outer surfaces of the pavilion, and the pages as real content, the warm they can make you feel, the beauty made by the color of the pages and their shape once bended, as in the picture. So our action was to insert a structure, as you can see in the drawn scheme, between these parts, in the only empty space inside this solid structure as a book is. A structure where a steel string supports them, and at the same time smaller X strings keep the cover up. The final result is though as a book in a bigger scale, maintaining the sense of discovery and mystery that every book has, and the feeling of knowledge once you are in, in the pavilion and in the middle of a book. As architects, working with shapes more than words, we design the pages bending them as a sort of origami in order to make them communicate. A communication which can have lots of different readings, but mostly well connected with the sense of freedom, these pages will look to fly as free birds, or a dove, sign of peace, as well as the sheets are white.