Mapping Dogs:

These four legged figures have a lot to tell. They show their masters’ activities in different times of the day and week. And their movement and behavior itself has a lot to tell about components of urban space.
What happens when two dogs socialize and sniff one another? That eventually also leads the owners who might not know each other to converse.
Dogs also have certain points of curiosity. Other than stopping at trees for littering they often stop at certain points where something at that moment is an interest to their sense of smell.
Mapping lighters:

Lighter transfer is a very common and often unnoticeable transaction that keeps on happening between people. It’s very easy for a lighter to go missing. Many times when a person borrows the lighter from another, the first one does not get it back. It’s this minuscule element that is always making its way from one person to another.
It’s also very common for two complete strangers to interact when someone asks for a lighter, leaving their friends’ table to ask the neighboring one.
It would be very interesting to observe the path of a lighter seeing not only how it has a trajectory of its own, but also how people break away from their zones of familiarity in pursuit of it and how it creates interesting interactions.