Studio: Self Sufficient Buildings
Agenda: How can a building educate by itself?
Cluster: New Building

For each of the projects listed below, I want to extract data, and then later convert this data into form.
The variables considered are; total floor area, floor area,  floor area ratio, positive vs negative space,
covered exterior space, seating pr floor area, vertical rise, vertical circulation area, geometry center relationship, material palette.

List of case studies
No. Project Name Architect Year Location Function
1 Barcelona Pavillion Mies van der Rohe 1929 Barcelona, Spain Exhibition
2 Säynätsalo Town Hall Alvar Aalto 1949 Säynätsalo, Finland Town Hall
3 Seattle Central Library OMA + LMN 2004 Seattle, WA, USA Library
4 Salk Institute Louis Kahn 1965 San Diego, CA, USA Research Centre
5 Media-TIC Enric Luiz Geli, Cloud 9 2010 Barcelona, Spain ICT cluster + Town Hall
6 MIT  —  — Boston, USA Campus Building
7 Ubisoft  —  — Montreal, Canada Office + Headquarters
8 Virginia Tech  —  — Virginia, USA Campus Building
9 Walden 7 Ricardo Bofill 1975 Barcelona, Spain Residence
10 Villa Mairea Alvar Aalto 1939 Noormarkku, Finland Residence
11 Gardermoen Airport Aviaplan + Partners 1998 Gardermoen, Norway Airport
12 IAAC Pujades 102  —  — Barcelona, Spain Workspace, Administrative
13 IAAC Pujades 59  — 2018 Barcelona, Spain Workspace
14 Sagrada Familia Antoni Gaudi 2026* Barcelona, Spain Basilica
15 Maison à Bordeaux OMA 1998 Bordeaux, France Residence



Case study 1
Barcelona Pavillion
Case study 2
Säynätsalo Town Hall

Case study 3
Seattle Public Library


Site Approach 
Form Conversion - Data Variable: Center Geometry

Geometry is divided into three parts, each relating to an architectural precedent. 
Points along the centre curve of this geometry (highlighted with colour) have been 
distorted according to how far apart they are to their respective architectural precedent's center point. 
Thereby constructing a spatial ratio, based on principle geometry of the referenced project.

Form Catalouge
Achieving different outputs through amplifying ratios, but also shifting the precedents to a different region.



Models []
Geometrical centre; all corners of the building are connected to the geometrical center.

Barcelona Pavillion (yellow), Säynätsalo Town Hall (orange)
The Spine

Building Representation of Campus Building (New Building) 

Tutors: Enric Ruiz-Geli, Mireia Luzzaraga 
Assistants: Zrinka Radic, Mohamad Rachid Jalloul
Author: Lars Erik Elseth