Deconstructing concepts of the Eden Project and their relevance to investigations of Environment


Deconstructing concepts of the Eden Project and their relevance to investigations of Environment


Eden Nature vs. Techno-Nature

The Eden project is a manipulation of environment through the use of technologies and materials that was at its time at the forefront of innovation. It mimics a paleolithic natural condition to demonstrate ethnography and economic botany to a wider audience.

However, while the project acknowledges the global climate crisis, its approach in confronting environment retains a conservative position on nature firstly as pristine and also disconnected. Contrary to the 21st century shift towards the notion of the post-human, decentralized techno-natural condition, the project’s ideology is ultimately anthropocentric and creates a distinction between man, the organic, and the artificial.

Multidisciplinary Relations

Items related within categories

Time Field

Spatial Construction


Evaluation and Conclusion

  • During the last couple of years, predictions for more Techno-Nature projects and cultural productions are noticeable, we have concluded that these predictions are related to the advancement of technology and the possibilities that this topic offers, besides, along with technology there has always been an evolution of thinking, which enhance the desire of develop into a more advance state.
  • Out of 154 Items, our research shows the following;
    48 Items are related to the concept of Techno-Nature
    65 Items are related to the concept of Eden Nature
    41 Items are considered as Neutral
  • We conclude that the spread of these items is not necessarily on one side of our horizontal axis of scale
  • Across time most Architectural Projects, Cultural Productions and Sociological thinking tend towards the concept of Eden nature. Perhaps of tradition throughout history, perhaps because technologies were not present yet to consider manipulating nature into a Techno-Nature state.
  • No field (sub category) is particularly biased. Most have a mix and a bias towards Eden. They show widespread trend in society

Eden Project Time Field is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2019 by:
Students_Taras kashko, Robyn Catherine Houghton, Hunter Paine, Vinay Prabhakar, Sneha Vivek, Osmin Avalos
Faculty_Manuel Gausa, Jordi Vivaldi Piera, & Mohamad Elatab