Ecosystemic Structures | Spring 2021 | MAEBB | Philipp Wienkämper , Engjell Rodiqi

Structural grid

Structural envelope

1.Porous building spatial formation allows wind & summer breeze to cool and ventilate the habitats.
2.Structural trusses applied to wrap and sustain the porous residential shape.
3.Building envelope is devided on the loadbearing outter structure as well as the interior built masses. Together they form a unit residential block. 4x on the entire site.

Load distribution

Triangles are the strongest shape there is. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed on all 3 sides. They represent geometric sturdiness; no matter how much weight you put on any side, it will not break.

Thus the main load bearing system becomes external truss envelope. This envelope helps transfer the load to the foundation, as well as provide opportunity to achieve longer spans as well as South facing openings of the building.

Joinery System

Joinery prototype


River Block is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities in 2020/21 by students: Philipp Wienkämper, Engjell Rodiqi, and faculty: Guillermo Sevillano & Elena Orte