The main purpose of the work in the garden is to study and feed the soil. For this purpose I experimented with the cultivation of different plantations, dividing the plot into different types of plantations, such as: legumes, leaves, vegetables / fruits, roots.

The variation of the agricultural species cultivated in the same plot, in order to improve or maintain the fertility of the soil and ensure, under the same conditions, a greater yield.

Fall/Winter plot

During the Christmas break, Valldaura’s wild boars attacked the gardens, ravaging most of the plots. The most affected plantation was the roots, since they are fond of tubers and other types of roots plantations. However, the only roots left in my garden were carrots. The other plantations have been moved and ruined, but have been recovered, planting them in other positions.

After-attack plot

Student: Giada Mirizzi

Faculty: Jonathan Minchin