Strategies for Fall/Winter planting

-Plants are layed out mainly by height, with the tallest plans being planted towards the north side of the plot and the shortest towards the south, this way they don’t cast shadows to each other.

-The garden is distributed in 7 rows, 4 furrows and 3 bumps. Plants that have more water requirements are located on the bumps. these plants are also generally the ones that require more daylight. These bumps also provide shadow to the roots of the plants located on the furrows.

-Garlics were planted for their properties of repelling insects and natural fungicide. They were located on the bumps because they require well drained soil and full sun. Even though they grow higher than the plants behind them, that location was chosen avoiding proximity with the beans. Otherwise they could stunt the bean’s growth.


During the Christmas break, Valldaura’s wild boars attacked the gardens. Specially my garden was completely destroyed. When I went back in January, I recovered some of the plants and replanted everything in a different layout.