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We all know our feelings about coffee, right? but, have you ever realize how many paper cups you waste a week? And if you add your classmates? And if you add all IAAC? And Playground? And Bau? Just 3 streets… Yes, its crazy!

Did you know the true about that cups? Did you know these cups cannot be recycled in Barcelona? They need a special process to separate the layer of plastic they have on it to the paper. Otherwise, they are not recyclable.

For more information you can look this post.

Time to do something, right?

Eco cup revolution its a campaign to make people realize about the pollution of each day using the paper cup for their daily coffees. In ours hurried days, we don’t want to spend/waste time sitting in a table drinking coffee, we usually are in a hurry and want to take the coffee on the way. But in our troubled minds we don’t realize that we are destroying the planet. Of course this its not the only vandalism act we do, but at  least it’s one with a possible solution.

This campaign consist on a group of people, shops and journalist together for generate new solutions to this specific garbage problem. At first, Eco cup Revolution it’s going to work in its place of birth context, Poblenou, trying to improve in the way of one year to expand for news horizons.


Eco cup revolution consist of an APP in which you, as a conscious citizen create an account. The app its going to be connected with all the coffee/tea shops in your neighborhood. You, now with the app in your cellphone, has to be a conscious person and take your personal coffee cup with you all the time. This way, each time you ask for a fill in your cup, the shop its going to charge the data in the system and you started to score points for each fill. Increasing your score means discounts, merch prizes and other benefits. The highest scores would take part in the raffle of big prizes.

The APP its gonna show you, how many couples of coffee or tea you have been refill, how many paper cup you avoid, so, how many garbage you avoid and how many money you save. Also, the app would have related notes, about the environment, plastic pollution, green politics and coffee. Moreover, you would look for a map with associates shops and benefits.

For the future, the idea its to develop an intelligent cup that could be connected to the app, as well as a water bottle and a tupperware for avoiding all the plastics packagings as possible.



CupRevolutionCampaign is a project developed at Masters in Advanced Interaction by Agustina Palazzo, as the result of Studio Workshop – Interaction in Commercial Context.