The ambition behind the Eco Jade project is to give back the outdoors to the inhabitants and visitors by proposing to create exterior spaces where the excesses of the subtropical warm and humid climate of Taichung are lessened. The exterior climate of the park is thus modulated so to propose spaces less hot (more cold, in the shade), less humid (by lowering humid air, sheltered from the rain and flood) and less polluted (by adding filtered air from gases and particle matters pollution, less noisy, less mosquitoes presence).

It was made by Philippe Rahm, a Swiss architect based in Paris, France. He is well known for moving away from a purely functional approach to creating climatic spaces. More than imagining forms, it is for him to create temperatures, ventilation, lights. It is an art of good atmosphere and physiological comfort, in response to the growing dangers that await us.

His work, which extends the field of architecture from the physiological to the meteorological, has received an international audience in the context of sustainability.


The main idea of our time-ield is to include all the events and projects connected to the climate change as well as general topics, where we can see how Eco Jade project was shaped by the circumstances that happened all the way from 1960. We extended our time-field to 2020. in order to see how the project affected development of the future.


Just as rhizome philosophy, every topic in our time-field is interconnected with the one another where there is no exact beginning or ending.



Aditya Ambare, Ka Man Lee, Sumit Nemmaniwar, Chim Lim Chim Meng, Ines Cavar, Xhilda Kulla