Echoes of Time is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016/2017 by:
Students: Pablo Agustin Vivas, Yasmina Wery, Shashi Prakash Vyas
Faculty: Angelos Chronis, Angel Muñoz

The digital tools clouding the everyday activities around us reminisce us of the pre-millennial days when having two cups with a string attached used to be our communication devices. Echoes in time is a project that follows advanced analog progeny of this childhood device. The project exploits the codes from processing and arduino with both complimenting each other to deliver the final product this project exhibits.

The Arduino runs a program that moves a Servo motor between a 150 degree angle which is attached to an ultrasonic sensor with an emitter and receptor that bounces back waves of an object and reflects back the distance. This is further broken down in a digital graph in Processing where the graph reads the angular movement of the sensor along with reflecting the distance between the object and the sensor. The resulting setup eliminates the use of manual inputs and runs on the analog information that is being translated onto the arduino board and the computer screen making it a hands-free exercise.



The conclusive findings of this project propose that with the help of these digital tools (in this case Arduino and Processing), the physical entities or space around us can be translated into data and recorded for fact finding or problem solving. The data generation also helps to read patterns, analyze processes, calculate time and create a database that could be used for analytic development of infrastructure around us.