3d D“Machines of tomorrow will be natural machines, materials will be biomaterials and engineering will be ecological engineering. Nature works in hybrid holistic way, no dichotomies between natural and artificial. This century will need a radical re-definition of the relations between the urban and the non-urban forces.”

”The main idea of this research studio (Design with Nature) is to understand the cities like enormous metabolic sinks with all ecological cycles and learn from nature. We try to explore Barcelona’s infrastructure in order to address the main ecological conflicts. The ability of the city fabric is to reconnect Barcelona’s urban and non – urban forces. Re- defining and re-naturalizing the infrastructure for water, food and waste, like one of the most necessary global issues.

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The aim of the project is to establish the long-lost relationship between human and mother earth by inviting new ecosystem back to the city, changing the local climate, and purifying water. In the same time, it is designed to raise the awareness from the users of the water scarcity nowadays. In order to preserve the water, our role as an architect bring us to the reformation of water infrastructure. We are no longer using technicality as the main idea, but to involve as well the microbiology (living things) which could lead the role of purifying water. Chlorella vulgaris is one of the best microbiology to do purification transparently as the visibility of this concept will be totally exposed. This exposed visibility is aim to raise the user’s awareness on water purification and to alert on water difficulties today.

SYSTEM + IMPACT                 

New infrastructure using transparent pipes to distribute algae. With the organic modular-creating flexible connection for endless cycle/movement/flow. The material is chosen in order to penetrate the sun for photosynthesis of the algae. 1City reformation to achieve public feature integration. Raising user’s awareness of the global water crisis. Existing infrastructure was unexposed, causing user’s ignorance.2Establish nature reclamation, especially recovering the [lost] wetland. Create healthy environment as in relationship between human and their environment. Rebuild Natural Conservation as many have been destroyed.3


We also use microbiology in our project to ensure the naturality in the modern infrastructure. Besides it will also increase the potential of nature reclamation.654

Chlorella Experiment Video 

[Bio]Living Cultivation


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For further information about this project, kindly go to this = e[Chlo] Forest Booklet

e[Chlo]forest is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Design with Nature research line,  Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01)  in 2016 by:

Students: Anastasia Stephany M. /Elena Janeva / Levit Arroyo

Faculty: Javier Peña / Rodrigo Rubio / Oriol Carrasco