Eating With Your Senses is an investigation into the way we interact with food, flavors, and the tools involved in eating. A series of bowls was created in order to hack our sense of taste using other senses. Taste is a singular sense, we are familiar with the basic 5; salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. However flavor is a multi-sensory experience that can be informed by all the other senses. Research has shown that there are many cross-modal correspondences to taste, meaning seemingly unrelated traits can affect the taste of food. This investigation has narrowed in on a few: color, shape, texture, and sound. The sense of proprioception is also investigated in the reconsideration of the bowl as a tool. By changing the way we interact with the common bowl, and changing the embodied cognition of it, a new experience is made which affects the sensory experience of eating. A series of morphologies was created based on each taste and then applied to the typology of a bowl. Both digital and physical form finding techniques were applied using Grasshopper and clay sculpting. The final bowl series is intended to correspond with specific tastes, each bowl enhancing the experience of eating certain tastes through more than one sense.