Valldaura Labs has an ecological food program led by chef Jordi Ubach. Every weekday he prepares ecologically conscious and sustainably sourced food for the MAEB students and visitors using products produced in Valldaura or near surroundings. Jordi pays careful attention to use every part of  plants, fruits and vegetables in food preparation, often turning leftover peels into delicious tarts, tortillas and pastries.

Jordi Ubach, an industrial designer and interior designer, has a great passion for gastronomy and has turned it into his profession. In Valldaura he cooks every day and coordinates the efforts for an ecological food based on local products and Catalan recipes. Each student of MAEB must create a small garden and with their products prepare dishes regularly sharing the experience of cultivate-collect-cook. Jon Michin, instructor of the ecology program, also leads the production of food through the European project of Agriculture and Robotics ROMI.