The purpose of E-Tree is to create an application that can control through an interface the creation of an object simulating the growth of a tree.

In this interface we can control the following parameters:

  • Growth: representing the number of interactions, that is, the number of times that this object will be a node of growth of new branches;
  • Branches: the number of branches that will originate from each interaction;
  • Initial Height: the height of the original trunk;
  • Scale: the size of the branches (child) relative to its branch of origin (parent);
  • Section: the section size of the original branch;
  • Angle: the rotation of the branches (child) in relation to its branch of origin (parent);

The last parameter is only to control the speed and direction of rotation of the object shown so that we can evaluate it in three dimensions.

In order for us to have control over the created object but still perceive a certain randomness in the creation of the object, the “Angle” parameter generates a range in which the random factor can float so that no branch can never have the same rotation as others and thus create this feeling of naturalness in the creation of the tree.

To finalize the creation of the object always the child branch is scaled both in its section and in its length in a factor of golden proportion (approximately 1,618). So, even with so much control over the final object E-Tree still guarantees a naturalness in its generated form.

E-Tree is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Processing seminar in 2017 by:

Students: Andre Resende

Faculty: Angelos Chronis)