If you could travel to Mars, what would you take as a souvenir?

This project, explores the possibility of traveling to Mars, a planet well known as having nothing more than dust and soil. The importance of the planet, remains on the possibility of establishing a new colony of humans in the future, based on the idea that there’s water in Mars.
What we know now, is that getting there is as dangerous as expensive, but this kind of challenges are the ones that impulse humanity to research and push our boundaries.

Let’s imagine that Martian tourism is already stablished, a ‘normal’ trip to people who cat assume the cost. What would they get as a souvenir? Sand, soil, rocks, amazing pictures and videos… What if  they could take that, but in a fancier way?
Then we would have Dust & Soil, a collection of plates & bowls created from martian soil. The collection is based on the topography of Mars highlights, whose define the shape of each piece.

As we can see, the logotype is inspired on topographical lines, as the shapes of the collections itself.

After deciding which highlights would be materialized, we should decide which technique would be better to produce the pieces: 3D printing ceramics OR Kuka Robot? In the first image we can see the first sketch of one piece (improved renders would be ready soon), meanwhile, in the second one, the first test.

When the technique is decided, we would have to learn how to improve its external aspect by painting the collection. The inspiration would come from textures from the planet itself (who said Mars is just red!?)

Dust & Soil  is a project developed at Masters in Advanced Interaction by Martina Solés Caldés, as the result of Studio Workshop – Interaction in Commercial Context.