The Drawing Machine

Digital and Virtual Drawing is the new advancement in art. Working in the direction ‘the Drawing Machine’  is the new way to draw from Digital media input on paper. The Idea is to take inspiration from the human hand and to replicate it in a robotic manner with an input given in a digital manner through processing.

Primary Concept: The Hand

Design Development: The design ha been evolved with taking inspiration from the joints of the human arm. Servo motors are used as the joints for the movement of the robotic arm (machine)

The Main Robotic arm drawing as per the input from processing hand movement

Drawing testes done by the Drawing Machine

Above are the parts used to make the Drawing Machine

From Human arm to Drawing (robotic) Machine done by :

Armaan , Amin , Abhishek and Marc

// Produino and Processing

Faculty : Angelos Chronis and Angelo Munoz