Discussion On Object-Oriented Ontology

This paper gives brief information about object-oriented ontology and how this novel ideology started to affect other professions especially architecture. The main focus is based on a debate between Graham Harman who is the founder of OOO and Patrik Schumacher who is an architect and the founder of parametricism. These two great thinkers are discussing the originality of OOO and the way it started to affect architecture.


While this debate can go on forever there are few things that can be subtracted from it. Although OOO got inspired by other thinkers it has totally different ideologies than others. The unique debate between these two thinkers is caused by the difference between the way they perceive this ideology. It can be said that the idea itself is very much original unlike thoughts of Patrik Schumacher. On the other hand, Patrik is right about his ideas about the relation between philosophy and architecture. It is not possible to come up with a viable architecture design while prioritizing a philosophical ideology in this case OOO. Prioritization of OOO while designing causes the gap between architecture and context.Which plays a crucial role in architecture.