Gracia is a District known for its landscapes, terrain, famous landmarks like Park Guel & Casa Vicens.  La Vila De Gracia is a small neighborhood in the Gracia district known for its narrow streets and cozy squares. The purpose was to understand the characteristics of the neighborhood through the shortest path analysis.



  1. The site was selected to understand and discover the La Vila De Gracia neighborhood.
  2. Required data was researched and collected using Open Data BCN & Quick OSM.
  3. The data was clipped and set using Qgis to be imported into Grasshopper.
  4. The shortest path analysis was set by using 5 key parameters.
  5. Visualizations & comparisons were created to understand the routes better.
  6. The analysis help portray the different experiences an individual can customize and enjoy.


Parameters of interest for chosen Neighborhood

The start point for the analysis was set as Placa Lesseps and the endpoint was Jardins de Salvador Espriu placa. An Attractor point was also introduced as Casa Vicens by Antonio Gaudi. The analysis was run with 5 parameters marked and what is noticed is that the shortest path, path with placas, and path with more volume of restaurants have similar distances and are relatively closer. While the Greenest path and path with attractor point take the longer routes.

Shortest Path final Plan

The shortest path with the 5 parameters considered

Shortest path with parameters as greenest, most places, restaurants & attractor point


The shortest path analysis help understand the different journeys and routes possible and the parameters we can interpolate to make it more customizable and enjoyable for the individual.

Data Source: Open Data BCN & Quick OSM

Discovering La Vila De Gracia is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed  Master in City and Technology in 2021/2022
Students: Kishwerniha Buhari
Faculty: Eugenio Bettucchi and Iacopo Neri