Situated in the dense urban fabric of Mexico City (CDMX). (dis)continuity explores the concept of activating the public realm above and below the mega-highway of CDMX, the Segundo Piso. Through enveloping the highway in programme, the project proposes to tie the private and public realm through the creation of multi-tiered civic spaces – challenging traditional notions of exclusivity above the ground floor and returning the elevation to the people.




_00 – Site Axo

_01 – Segundo Piso as the site of activation

_02 – Encasing the highway to create a platform for programme above

_03 – The creation of elevated public plazas, reclaiming and returning the elevation to the public

_04 – Main arteries of public circulation

_05 – Mixed programming. Blue: residential, purple: commercial

_06 – Facade articulation



_ground floor plan

_second floor plan

section a-a

section b-b

_section c-c

_programme wrapping the infrastructure

_elevated public plazas & amenity