There are many ways that can be opted in digitising the real world. A more accurate and fast digitizing of an object is the call for the day as opposed to measuring the objects, . This can be done in a multitude of ways, including laser scanning, time of flight scanning, and photogrammetry.  For this exercise, Photogrammetry was used to digitise any object in a chosen metro station and use that as a basis to develop a model in Rhino.

Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. Moreover, it may be used to recover the motion pathways of designated reference points located on any moving object, on its components and in the immediately adjacent environment.


Multiple picture were taken of the object and stitchced into a mesh using 123D catch.


The model was then imported into Rhino in the .obj format. The model is obtained as a mesh which can no w be used as a reference for the new model to be developed.





Two polylines were drawn at the top and bottom from the reference of the captured model


The two polylines were lofted to acquire the geometry of the model.



The Cap Command is used to close the surface of the lofted geometry.



The model captured in the real world is digitised