Sketch >> Early sketches showing design development and germination of
the idea for making a floating structure that rests on timber posts.

Assembled Geometry >> The final geometry of the structure clearly puts forth
the idea of a Swirl Hat (Eddie Titfer) floating on top of a stone pedestal.

Exploded Geometry >> The diagram explains the various layers
involved in the construction of the project.

Construction Details >> The diagram explains the various
joinery and details at multiple junctions in the structure.

Glulam Analysis >> The diagram shows the number of lamella required for making
a section of glulam 
and details at the junction. 

Glulam Analysis >> The diagram shows the glulam face direction and deviation.

Structural Graph >> This diagram serves as a roadmap for manufacturing, construction,
and assembly of connections. 
Each circle represents a singular glulam element and each
line is the type of connection made between elements.

Render >> Showcasing the context of the meditation pod.

Render >> Showcasing the spatial quality of the meditation pod.



Eddie Titfer. is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the MAA01 2019/20 

Students: Suyash Sawant and Akshay Mhamunkar

Faculty: Tom Svilans