Digital Playgrounds is an application that uses live urban data and allows the user to create dynamic sculptures. These sculptures slowly morph throughout the day as they respond to the change of flows of pedestrians, cars, sunlight over time. Experiences are more powerful when shared. Digital Playgrounds will allow multiple users to view the sculptures collectively in real-time either using their phones or virtual reality headsets.


Cities are incredible databases consisting of layers and layers of information that are hard to visualise at the same time

Data can be represented by graphs, charts and diagrams but they do not often data can be meaningless for the everyday user

Digital Playground is about translating those raw data into interactive dynamic sculptures that can add life and colour to the city. These sculptures can be informative and communicate information in a more visual manner.

The pilot project includes the following layers: Public spaces, building stock, roads, real-time traffic and plantation

A mobile operated, user-friendly interface was developed as a first step

Augmented Reality

The application can be started when you’re in the city, you choose your location or use your current location. The phone camera can be used in connection with application to create a real-time overlay of the dynamic sculpture


The collaborative nature of the application means that linking with others is integral to Digital Playgrounds’ experience

Mixed Reality Environment for Architecture – Digital Playground is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2019 by:
Students: Rani Kamel, Taras Kashko, Robyn Houghton, Sneha Vivek
Faculty: Starsky Lara