The text “Deleuze and the Genesis of Form” written by Manuel Delanda is a criticism to the point of view that is made by religion and the explanation that all forms are given by the mind of god .But instead of he shows the different opinions of certain philosophers that the genesis of form is not transcendental but immanent to matter other words is that the most important thing is the journey or the path taken by matter itself to achieve certain form, this form is affected by a numerous natural forces that are responsible of this final shape. The sample that I like the most is the river pebbles that are moving and changing all the time by the outer forces but all these moves are not coincidence (selective accumulation and isolative consolidation) The Rolex Learning Center it could be related to the reading by all the process made by the architects acting as the outer forces that are giving the final shape to the building , first it started as a representation of a landscape that its being altered by different subtractions  and elevation of the two shells. All these changes were made to respond to specific needs such as lighting and ventilation and to create a representative entrance for the building; in a way I think that most important thing for the building was the decisions process rather than the final form. Although it can be criticize by the form or the space efficiency or usability. A topic that I’m really interested in the self-sufficient design that for me is trying to find the perfect balance between the use of vernacular materials and specific nature elements that can only be founded on the site, with an architecture that follows all the sustainable premises that at the same time is able to adapt to its immediate surroundings and environmental changes. pebbles-at-the-river-alexander-kunz