Parametricism is being treated as an avant-Garde movement where technologies are being taken to their limits and for every unique project, newer and better schemes are developed. Which is good in terms of pushing the boundaries for designers, engineers, software developers, etc. But calling it practical is not always possible as there are still solutions that needs o be accounted for.  This global experimentation with form finding, animation, simulation, parametric modelling and various other tools has created a global network of design researchers create a new language for Architecture.


The text describes about Zaha Hadid being a pioneer in terms of parametric designs and new age design methodologies. But in my opinion, if you consider anything from a small scale to a large scale parametric design, one needs to understand that there are certain principles that needs to be followed. In the case of a furniture there are most cases where the importance is given to the aesthetics and form, in which process the comfort factor is neglected. And for example considering the Istanbul Town Planning scheme, the proposal was declined three times on the grounds that it felt alien and did not reflect the cultural lifestyle of the people. The concept of designing for the people is completely forgotten and which if not reflected in the entire scheme, tends to fail as an entire system. Being parametric does not always mean stepping out of the conventional square and portraying something more fluidic in nature. Parametric means considering the basic parameters which defines the criteria for your project.

In comparison to Le Corbusier’s Modernist movement, there is wide a difference as He was a visionary with a clear aim to find solutions for the society. Unlike parametricism where Design is the key factor for actuating the entire process. In my opinion, parametric does not always have to be unique in design. It needs to be adaptable for the society, compatible with the present situation and also prepared for the future outcomes of the present scenario. If Avant-Garde is what we are trying to achieve, then this should be the answer.


Parametricism is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016 by:

Student: Tanuj Thomas
Faculty: Maite Bravo / Ricardo Devesa / Manuel Gausa