Each group was asked to print 1 tile with a workable surface area of roughly 140 x 100 mm , with the volumetric offset limitation set at a maximum of 15 mm. The base surface geometry of the tile was provided at the beginning of the project. The main aim of the project was to create a lamp tile that can be described as an extension of architecture, creating a direct connection between space and its inhabitants through the manipulation of light. The performance of light for this project required a design consideration of the overall shape, materiality, openings, and other varying degrees of light filtration in order to manipulate the perception and overall sense of space.The particular challenge of this project was creating a complex design pattern through the use of repetition and variation.



Our prototyping included learning about the material and how it prints and diffuses light, trying to optimize the time and efficiency of the machine. We found that the simple panels that altered in shape and thickness created the most interesting results for directing and diffusing light.


Our concept was to create a tile that would firstly, diffuse light through the use of layering of material of different thicknesses, and secondly, direct light through the placement and direction of the panels. The shape of the tile was determined by the parameters that were given to us and so we didn’t stray away from the boundary. The panels are angled towards the center in order to direct the light to a certain point when looking at it head-on. The thickness of the material was determined after prototyping and finding that 0.8mm and 1.4mm were perfect for allowing light to disperse and create shadows.



The design is simple but it creates a beautiful and effective result.

Digital Fabrication II // Diffused Light is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2019/2020 by:
Students: Jorge Mauricio Casian, Chim Meng Lim, Ilaena Mariam Napier & Zackary Bryson
Faculty: Lana Awad, Ricardo Mayor, Sujal Kodamadanchirayil
Assistants: Alaa Al Baroudi & Sara Rosenberg