The aim of this project was to design an acoustic panel to be placed in the CNC milling space to absorb the sound generated by the machines.

Concepts of directional sound diffusion and absorption were explored in this acoustic panel by using two materials, wood for diffusion and cork for absorption. The resulting panel has 80% reduction of volume and comprises of a single wooden orb that directs sound toward the striated, undulating cork surface for absorption.


Art Inspiration: Tame Impala’s “Currents” Album Artwork by Robert Beatty

The concepts of turbulent flow in the album art inspired the exploration of directional sound diffusion and absorption for acoustic performance.

other references: Generative design by GenCork, used as cladding material for spaces both aesthetic and acoustic purposes.


The plywood sphere diffuses the noise from the CNC machines towards the cork panel which absorbs it and reduces the ambient sound. 



To achieve the required 80% volume reduction without wasting too much material, the file was nested and cut as a single flat sheet rather than layering the cork to 175 mm and then cutting through all the layers.



CNC Milled Acoustic Panel is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in Master of Advanced Architecture 2019/2020 by Students: Alisa Iureva, Eve Nnaji, Ibrahim Ugur Kukner, Poojitha Tadshina Reddy and Faculty: Sujal Kodamadanchirayil Suresh and Faculty Assistants: Alaa Al Baroudi