Digital Fabrication | Fall 2020

MAEBB | Yangchuan Tian

Optimos is a ready-to-assemble chair composed of CNC’d Baltic birch plywood, steel rod, wood spacers, and joint connectors. Among users of all ages and sizes, this project aims to create a robust standing chair that engages an enjoyable experience that allows users to sit in different positions. Inspired by the rocking horse that we used to ride when we were young, this chair is inspired by the configuration of rhinoceros or horses that have muscular shoulders and limbs. Vertically arranging plywood pieces makes the chair even strong to work under a wide range of loads from compression. With the consideration of ergonomics, the chair was designed with an embracing curvature for the hip from outer pieces to the middle ones. The chair’s appearance changes from angle to angle and has subtle difference hidden throughout all the straight lines. The extended back edge allows users to put their arm onto it to stretch or to put books temporarily.  Lastly, the chair is called Optimos to recall the sense of instinctive strength.