Digital fabrication and biological synthesis for circular design

The intent of this seminar was to cultivate plants in a closed loop system, where all parts of the plant are profited from and feed back into the circular economy of the product.


Inspired by the textile root designs of Diana Scherer, we present:



Grafting onto existing infrastructure on site, we can hang our modular planter boxes from these beams.

Once the plants have been cultivated for eating or selling, and the roots have grown sufficiently, the front and back of the box can be slid off to reveal the final root pattern design, within the frame.

This root frame can be hung from any existing structure, such as a balcony rail.

HORTITECTURE is a project developed at IAAC, as part of the 

Digital Bio Systems Seminar, for Master of Advanced Architecture.

Students: Ashwin Varma – Ignacio Pastor – Megan Smylie

Faculty: Chiara Farinea – Mohamad El Atab

Teaching assistants: Federica Ciccone – Nusrat Tabassum