Metabolic Pixel After the formulating of our own definition of “metabolic design”, next step for researching became finding of “metabolic pixel”. Higgs boson, so to say. From the “metabolic design” as an object and a process, mine suggestion about the “pixel” became the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Photosynthesis To understand this highly complex process in nature more clearly, I took an algae as an example (sp. Chlorella). Algae In Valldaura Lab. I’ve found 3 different but connected ways of development the research and an application of algae: treatment local waste water by algae filter, subsequent proceeding of biomass for feeding animals and fertilizing an agriculture area. Algae application Algae application Algae application Some previous researching about fertilizing the soil with algae showed how fruitful it can be. Fertilizing Fertilizing My experiment of growing Chlorella showed how effective this process in the waste water treatment of Valldaura Lab. and local restaurant, particularly nitrates and phosphates as a basic contaminant of this kind of sewage. Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment