Pixel cloud is an evolutionary building, which adapts to the climatic and conjunctural circumstances of its environment at different scales. The approach to the project was carried out in different phases defined in layers; such as thermodynamics, structure, energy, water, envelope and finally the synthesis of all the previous ones.

At each step Pixel Cloud tried to stay consistent with the ideas of adaptability and customization, using the time as one more element of the project. Thus, the building evolves from the smallest detail of housing, to its configuration on the volumetric scale, being able to increase or decrease and change its function in the future.


Regarding materiality, the objective was to transfer the advantages of vernacular single-family dwelling architecture to collective housing. Thus, it was intended to use a combination of wood and local/national materials such as clay or cork, both for its aesthetic and functional value and availability, seeking the minimum ecological impact: the project becomes an exploration to achieve a greater presence of natural-based materials.


#Architecture as a system

Both the structure and the envelope are thought of as a modular and adaptable SYSTEM, in which the joinery in the case of the structure and a ceramic piece with a single base mold solves the different situations of the building.

The final configuration:

The Systematic Envelope

Final Models

#Adaptability strategies

Thanks to the flexibility with which all building systems are imagined, a very different behavior is seen in summer and winter, allowing, for example, the passage of southern winds for cooling in summer and blocking them in winter due to the pivoting slats on the façade. Likewise, the building’s circular water system, which recycles 100% of its gray water, diverts it to one use or another depending on the need in each season of the year.

Summer/Winter transformations

Water cycle diagrams

In conclusion, Pixel Cloud is an open building that seeks to avoid obsolescence, and apply ecological strategies both domestically and on a large scale.

Pixel Cloud in 2020

Pixel Cloud in 2040, during a new Pandemia…




Pixel Cloud is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Masters of Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities 2019/20 by Students: Juan Gabriel Secondo and Irene Rodríguez, and Faculty: Vicente Guallart, Guillermo Sevillano, and Elena Orte