MAA 12-13 Design Studio_Smart Public Space on 17.12.2012 Smartblock Concept Video SmartBlock: Smart Public Corridor Thesis_SmartBlock is a social platform proposed by Group Meridiana to transform the cur- rent Avenue Meridiana to an interactive hybridized social public corridor that will eventually become the iconic street for the city of Barcelona. Objective_The objective of this project was to explore all the possible opportunities to en- hance the spatial and mobil experience of Avenue Meridiana by providing solu- tions that complements the SmartCity initiative. An intensive research and analysis took place to understand the existing condition of the street that touched on mul- tiple attributes ranging from historical facts, current infrastructure, traffic, events and social interaction of the street and its surrounding neighbourhoods. The study led to findings that questioned the lack of social interaction due to the physical and functional characteristics of the street which mainly serves the purpose of connect- ing the northern outskirts to the center of the city. Concept _ SmartBlock is targeted to three main users at different levels that will contribute to the exchange of information on the platform which will result in transforming the street. The targeted users of SmartBlock are; the general public (event go- ers), private business (event creators), and the municipality (traffic control). In addition, SmartBlock events are to be co- funded by its users and the municipality, moreover, it enhances the cyber experience by linking the user to the RideShare interface. RideShare is a social network, a pool of individual private drivers participating in SmartBlock events and able to spare the extra time to offer cost and time efficient rides to event go-ers.