We designed 2 different wood structure that can be replicated in the schools of Porto. Each structure is designed for a vertical instalment whish is fixed and horizontal module which is movable.

This structures are for cultivation, renaturalization and pollination. The
structures will be composed of areas for plants to grow and bio receptive ceramic surfaces devoted to microclimate regulation and to host fauna (as insects or microorganisms).


Form – 01 // COCOON


The basic concept was inspired from cocoon to provide a shell for all the living system which we are incorporating in one modular form.


Structural development for vertical and horizontal module.


Horizontal module for mobile structure.





Clay printing test for single module



Form – 01 // CUBE

Using the basic cube form and pixelating it to create different modules for the kids to play around and create there own living system.



Creating different sizes and volumes for different type of vegetation to grow.


Vertical module



Horizontal Module for mobile structure



‘Living system modules’ is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2022 by Students: Divya Shah, Harshul Goti and faculty: Chiara Farineafaculty assistant: Lana Awad, Andrea Conserva, Fiona Demeur, Ilaena Napier