The final design decisions were made today in regards to the final design and location of the vertical trees. For that to happen, all the students – along with instructors Daria and Michael – met in the morning to discuss the different strategies to be taken in order to accomplish that and other important tasks to meet all milestones of the week.

Later in the day a group of students went to the site to take pictures and decide the final location and position of the vertical structure. One of Daria’s strategies to accomplish this task was to modify the design according to the field of view observed on site. Students posed as vertical structures and through pictures and sketches, students managed to make a final decision. Once the decision was made, the architect team started working on the completion of the 3D model.



Meanwhile, the rest of the group of students was divided into two, one was working on the shop drawings for the foundation and typical details and the other on a physical model to test the proposed joints between vertical and horizontal structures.