222 As society evolves due to technology and ever changing trends, so does architecture. Buildings today must not only be able to meet the needs of society but also have a responsibility to contribute to a better urban life. This ‘contribution’ may occur through the creation of a sustainable environment. It is therefore the architect’s responsibility to create buildings that not only provide good conditions in which society may live in; but also have the capability of solving our problems. Hens, the answer to our problems does lie in Architecture. Buildings have the ability to provide solutions to the issues that our society currently faces such as global warming, overcrowding population and homelessness. Using design as a portal, architects today are able to address these issues, weather it is through sustainability or creating temporary housing. However, due to the fact that investors tend to strive towards a more financially profitable solution, rather than a economically feasible one; these sustainable solutions and possibilities are often not achieved. As a result, architects are often hindered from providing city’s and citizens with buildings that contribute to a better urban life. Therefore, they  are restricted by the notion of what is the more financially profitable design solution. Whilst sustainability does provide the buildings inhabitants with better living conditions, this use of technology and does come at a price. As a result, it is the architect’s responsibility to provide sustainable solutions whilst meeting the needs of financial investors in order to insure that citizens are provided with better living conditions that contribute to a better urban life.