The machine aims to create a physical representation of  the digitally accumulated density data for various major landmarks in the city of Barcelona. The objective is to examine the relation between the spaces and when they are the least or most activated.

Upon analysing the collected data, the setup visualizes the values with the movement of fabric in space, interacting with the colour spectrum.

The system is initiated by a simple tweet.


The setup includes a piece of fabric placed horizontally along with 4  servo motors at the top, pulling the fabric up (XZ or XY plane) as per the input values from the data. The LEDs placed at the top  add colour to the fabric  depending upon the input values.

#DensitySkins is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at  Master in Advanced Architecture 1,
in year 2018 by:
Students:  Anmol Arora. Kammil Carranza. Manan Jain. Neel Prajapati

Faculty: Angel Munoz & Cristian Rizzuti