The process of demolition itself is a tedious in terms of safety, involving explosives, machineries, sorting the material and transportation, human involved in this process is a huge amount of risk. Collecting a building data is inevitable in this process and we spend more time in extracting the data. The statement becomes more compelling when you remove human out of this process and introduce UAV (Drones) into the field, which would be more efficient in time and safety. Looking at a building’s, its after-life data with the computer vision technique and Constructing a whole process based on drone automation will produce a new economy in the field of demolition.

Use of computer vision techniques , slam navigation to reconstruct the building’s data  and analysis the features from the mesh generated to strategies demolition process more precise. The reparameterization  of the demolition process with the new techniques  would reduce the cost and time, this will be a new approach in the  construction and demolition  industry to data collection and execution.

The video explain the whole demolition process the can be carried out by automated robots and also the experiments that are done during the process



MAA02 individual thesis (IAAC)

Author: Karthikeyan Dhanabalan

Thesis advisor: Luis Fraguada