Deleuze and the genesis of Form This essay regarding the form, the creation of it, the transformation is very complex and full of knowledge to understand. The main factor or point of attraction is the way things first came to creationism; religious, inertia, Aristotle, and or Platon. But, how can something so simple be created? A bubble? a spherical shape? Really, it all comes to the same generation minimal point of a geometrical form. But then it all comes to change, transformation of the form , oscillation. But really when do difference and repetition come to a drastical point of reality? “Actualization breaks the resemblance as a process no less than it does with identity as a principle. In this sense, actualization or differentiation is always a genuine creation.” Embryogenesis, this is a much more complex subject that is taking in account by Delanda and Deleuze, its all about the creation of things, but not geometrical forms, what really happened inside an egg? Transformation, stretching, augmentation,  a whole kinematics of the egg appears which implies a dynamic. My reflection was the spaces created in this process, where full of other possibilities of form, and the possibilities of “real forms” and “virtual forms”. The “ social Strata” a very specific subject, when a group of people has no equal access to society and this society subdivides and many different subjects. Rolls in society are like chain of events you can start scaling up, but not all of the time they form a center and the rest on the outside, “to transform a loose ranked accumulation of traditional roles into a social class, the social sediment needs to become consolidated via theological and legal codifications.” For me it’s really difficult to criticize a built project of outstanding architects, but the rolex center has several things that in my opinion could be better. They say the most important part of the project is the communication with the landscape and the idea of not having walls, instead different levels in the floor that divide up the spaces. This idea is a bit out of place because the building is a totally squared form in the middle of a flat surface that has no interrelation with its surroundings.  And the idea of the curves and holes in the roof top just make this library in to a pavilion of walking surfaces. The structural part is very interesting, they manage to have a great stetic and build an almost clear space with no big columns of walls.