//Advanced Algorithmic Design

This graphic diagram has been created individually as a framework for the Advanced Algorithmic Design thesis studio, where we focus on the development of algorithmic strategies for our design . Its purpose is to illustrate the way in which the studio thesis topics relate to one another, and also their external connections.

//Research Topic

The research is based on the Puuc palace architecture from the Mexican jungles. Puuc architecture is a late Mayan architectural style characterized by the use of a stone veneer construction technique that enabled large constructions with heavily ornamented façades carved in intricate floral, zoomorphic and geometric motifs that tessellate throughout the buildings.  This thesis project analyses the performative qualities of Puuc ornament for environmental regulation within the building, while proposing a re-adaptation of this vanishing architectural style.


Internal topics:

// The Habitat

The cosmogram starts by defining the region as “Mexican Caribbean” from which branches describing the natural environment emerge. These branches provide valuable climatological information, describing the local tropical climate, as well as the effect of climate change that results in an increased severity of hurricanes and floods. These are challenges affecting the people that inhabit the region and their architecture should be able to regulate and prevail in these conditions. The natural habitat is often referred to as  a “Medium Jungle”. The grey branches describe how this environment provided a multitude of valuable resources that in  turn enabled the development of the Mayan civilization. This section of the cosmogramme describes the material flows as well as environmental hazards that the mayan civilization had to overcome.


// The Architecture 

From the red circle representing the “Mayan civilization” on the image above there are numerous branches that briefly describe the various mayan advancements in fields. Architecture, being the area of focus for this research is pictured below where the major architectural typology is explained, as well as the architectural style evolution.

On this section of the Cosmogramme the Puuc architectural style is better explained though its material usage and technical innovation


// Algorithmic

The following illustrates the design strategy followed on the thesis. This section is directly linked to the green branches that refer to the environmental qualities of the region. For this project the performative properties of the Puuc Ornament are studied and the design of a new system of construction that enables buildings to perform better in this environment is being developed.

This system is composed of modular building blocks that combine ancestral architectural knowledge with algorithmic design for the development of Puuc influenced, performative building blocks. This blocks are to be placed using algorithmic principles according to their performance. This results in Intricate ornamental facades as passive systems for user comfort and energy efficiency.




DECODE:Puuc  is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by:

Student: Mauricio Casian

Faculty: Mireia Luzarraga