Stalking Myself and My ColleaguesToday, most of us have access to some device that is capable of tracking movement through GPS.  While the data which results is of a very simple nature (latitude, longitude, timestamp), it can lead to many new interesting discoveries about how we spend our time. Using the GPS tracking app “My tracks” on my Android phone I decided to start stalking myself and 3 of my colleagues.Using GoogleEarth I mapped the exact coordinates of our routes.Using gHowl in Grashopper , I connected all our routes. Then used circles, extrusion and a shader to visualize the path.After extruding all the paths and combining 4 sets of data from different colleagues, I can conclude that much time was spent in the central part of the city , the area around Iaac and Port Olympic.

Student : Borislava Lyubenova
Tutor : Luis Fraguada
Assistant Tutor : Rodrigo Aguirre