NEST 2.0 – Design for assembly and disassembly



  1. Create an efficient and hierarchical construction process
  2. Create hierarchy in structural performance of members
  3. Eliminate the oculus as the primary member countering lateral deformation.
  4. Reduce the number of steps involved in construction


NEST 1.0                                                                                              NEST 2.0



Design Development


Intermediate ring to replace oculus as only structural member



Conclusion : 4 ribs normal to the ground to counter most of vertical load and by creating a lateral cross bracing lattice to counter most of lateral load, a hierarchy in construction and structural performance can be achieved. In addition, number of steps required for assembly is reduced.



Grid shell facade



CalgraySAP_Research tower




Cross Joints                                                                                                                  Compression ring



Gridshell lattice assembly                                                                                      Foundation hinge



Connections Details









  • Connections at happening at four ribs.
  • 2 beams of 75x75mm. Connected via lap joint.


Connection between floor beam and ribs




Connection between floor and ribs                                                                   Compression ring for facade

40mm thick,ie two layers of 20mm each




Fabrication Logic


Mesh connection                                             Geometry of the mesh in 2d                Geometry of the mesh once on structure


Joinery prototype

Intermediate ring to replace oculus                              Ribs and intermediate floor joints                              Design Prototype



Structural Analysis Comparison



Ideas for Skins


Iteration 1

Iteration 2







Data Informed Structures / Nest 2.0 – Design for assembly and disassembly

Project by I.A.A.C. 2019/2020 by:
Students: Yash Palshetkar, Dinesh kumar Vellingiri, Nihar Mehta, Sai Preetham Alapati
Faculty: Manja van de Worp, Raimund Krenmueller