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Assignment Brief:

01. Design a geometry (or pick an interesting one you like from an existing building) analyse; deflection, utilisation, forceflow and principle stress lines.
Remember to make a diagram of the geometry, span, loads, supports etc.
02. Based on your evaluation of the results, please present a proposed series (minimum 2) grids that relate to the above analysis.
Explain how and why you derived the specific grid from.
_ Orientation of grid
_ Density of grid
_ Type of grid (quad tri etc)
_ Size of elements required over grid
03. Improve grid by placing elements in more optimum position – this can be driven by benchmarking deflections, or reducing the amount of material used, or utilization in the elements, etc.
04. Compare:
Amount of material used in the grid versus the amount of material in the shell – keep material the same for this.
Use NX and Myy to show where respectively the axial forces (Nx) and the bending moments Myy are highest, i.e. which elements you might be able to remove, or which elements could have a smaller section size
_Does a grid compared to forceflow or based on principles stresses work better? Could I change the geometry to alter my direction of forceflow and yes how.
Make a conclusion.
05. Improve geometry – by folding or doubling up surface based on results extracted from analysis.
Think folding increases stiffness, and gives a certain direction.


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Initial research on parameters of the pavilion was conducted to inform the preliminary modelling of the structure for analysis.

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Iterations of grid designs were proposed based on the initial analysis of the structure.

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Data Informed Structure – Geometry and Grid is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015/2016 by:
Students: Jonathan Irawan and Jean Sebastian Munera

Faculty: Manja van de Worp

Assistant: Nina Jotanovic