Data Informed Structure Group 1_Radial Frame


The ideal version of frame should satisfy these following requirements:

1, Stable. The frame must has a good karamba test result.

2, Easy to process. No hundreds different angles to be cut by hand.  

3, Tolerance. Some parts of frame should be flexible for the tolerance.

For these issue, we might still gonna try and test another version of frame(two timber on top) even though we have already got a stable frame system. That kind of frame might has more talent to deal with above issues.


Now we have two version: Flat one and Rotate one.

We might choose the rotate one for the concern of building sequence. After all we only have ten days to build so it would be more efficient to unify all the details.


Ring Part:

We gonna follow the rotate one. And it might be a challenge if we shift on to the “two timber on top” version because the space is so limited. That requires further test.

Skin and window:


Further research is going on regarding how to use fabric for windows. Presently there is no solution for it.


This is another core point for the next step.

We want it to be different from the skin. Just like a nail. But one layer of glass might not be enough to keep it warm so we going to a buffer in the entrance. And more details about that will come with further test.


Radial Frame//A Himalayan Retreat is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2018/2019 by:
Students: Yimeng Wei, Antonios Nikitaras , Timothy Ka Kui Lam , Tolga Kalc?o?lu , Jae Shin , Fouad Hanifa  , Holly Carton , Abhay Devidas , Hongyu Wang , JingWen Chiou , Pratik Borse , Aishath Nadh, Ha Naseer , Alaa Aldin al Baroudi
Faculty: Manja van de Worp and Raimond Krenmueller
Student Assistant: Elliott Santos and Yi Fan Liao