DanceDanceProduino! combines Processing and Arduino in an  interactive dancegame is inspired by DanceDanceRevolution(DDR). The game works with a dancemat that collects inputs through movement for a dancegame that has been made with Processing. These inputs are collected through embedded capacitive sensors on the mat.

The Arduino works as the sensors controller that detects whether a capacitor is formed or not, thus detects when the player moves on the panel.The materials used to make the dancemat were MDF and Aluminum sheets.

The players serve as conductors when they step on the mat and touch the uncoated surface, dynamically forming a capacitor.

Arduino + Processing /// MAA01 2017/2018.
Project developed by: HiraZuberi, Anuj Mittal, Stephie Moukarzel, Ewald Jooste and Luciana Teodózio
Faculty: Angelos Chronis and Angelo Muñoz