“Cubed Net” is a project through the use of Processing in order to simulate a morphogenetic behaviour.

The goal of the script in moving several particles inside a cubic box, each particle will reach a different point previously created. Once they have reached their first point they change randomly their own target point. So the particles will steer toward the new target till they will be close to the new one and they will change again the taget point and so on.

First step of the project was importing the PeasyCam library and creating a 3D matrix of points in shape of a cube, the position of these points was stored in an ArreyList as PVectors.

Second step was the creation of an array of Objects called Particles, in this class was set the initial location of the particles, randomly placed in a space close to the origin.

Next step was coding the particles behaviour: first they reach a common point situated at 200,200,200: the vector displacemet is equal to: final position – current position. This vector was multiplied by a variable, called “speed”, this value is smaller than 1 in order to reduce the vector magnitude.

In this way the closer the particle is to the target point the slower it moves.

The variable called “distance”was used in the “if” condition: if the distance from the particle to the target point is smaller than the “distance” variable then “change the target point picking one from the ArrayList”.

The ControlP5 library was used in order to create sliders able to change the variable values in real time when the script is running.

Two slider was created in order to show or hide the particles and the points, and another one to increase or decrease the amount of particles in the sketch.

-CUBED NET- is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016/2017, for Programming Seminar by:

Students: Daniele Fiore
Faculty: Angelos Chronis