Drawings are a form of expression in the architectural profession or in art. A drawing is the evolution of a line in space. A line is, in fact, a collection of dots or pixels in space. Connecting different points with a set of protocol gives it a meaning. This project is a development of drawings based on code and protocol to create an artistic puzzle of the architecture of different cities in the world.

In fact in this age of Artificial Intelligence its also helps you compare between human thought expression and computational codes. Art, technology, game, fun but still a learning experience. These are handy travel puzzles that can be played again and again, anytime, anywhere and by anyone!




Engraved base board – 3 MM thick | Puzzle (50-60 pieces) – 3 MM thick | Acrylic overlay – 2 MM thick | Puzzle Options- A4/A3

* The above entails the complete framing kit.

So which city have you visited?

Here goes the puzzle!

Solve it while having your evening snack or challenge your peers.

Play it alone or compete with friends!

Show your artistic skills and personalize the art piece!

Create your own masterpieces every time!

Frame it and personalize your homes or workspace with Cryptic Puzzles and your very unique artwork!

How we started

Timeline of the Project

The Team

We are students from Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC). Being in a creative field that expands beyond architecture we thought of doing something fun that can combine Art, Architecture, and Fun. This is our first professional venture with Kickstarter.

A Project presented by

Cryptic Puzzles by A.I.M  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Developed at: MAA01 2017-2018 Master in Advanced Architecture,
Students: Abhishek Soman, Ipsita Datta, and Mateo Proano
Faculty: Anna Pla Catala