CRAFTS is a European Projects proposal, germinated through past related initiatives and developed through the Fab Lab Barcelona. CRAFTS, or Climate Resistant Agro-Forestry Transition Systems, is a joint proposal between FabLab Barcelona and 19 partners across the EU, among them Sony Computer Science Laboratories, The EU Agro-Forestry Association, The Hamburg University of Technology, and the Wageningen University, all focused on finding solutions to advance climate-resistant agriculture. 

Developing below to above-ground analysis technology, CRAFTS will incorporate metagenomic analysis of soil and combine satellite imagery with UAV scans to make computational predictions in order to help farmers transition to climate resistant agriculture, using agroforestry and mixed farming techniques.If approved, CRAFTS will prototype, test and develop artificially intelligent computational modes  that will help us to plant trees in ecologically optimal settings.

ROMI is a four-year Europe-funded research project committed to promote a sustainable, local, and human-scale agriculture. ‘Robotics for Microfarms’ is a collaborative program established by a number of European partner institutes including the Fab Lab Barcelona, Humbolt University of Berlin, Sony Computer Science Laboratory, The National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of France. 

The ROMI program develops an affordable, multipurpose and open source hardware and software platform adapted to support organic and polyculture market-garden farms. The platform constitutes automated farming tools, data science research for species identification and in-field phenotyping. Our shared documentation aims to help farming communities increase their production and improve their working conditions whilst analysing computational and complex planting strategies to promote sustainable agriculture.
ROMI is being developed at Valldaura Labs and will be on show at the Maker Faire Barcelona 2019 held 5 & 6 October at Nau Bostik.