This Project Proposes an integrated Translator between physical to digital models to support The Creative Practices of Physical model making in the architectural practice

along a design process different tools are used to invoke different abilities on a wide gradient of mental stages. varying from complete abstract freedom to the most accurate construction instructions.

The transition between the mental stages is not one directional, as in every new question that opens in a design process designers tend to go back and forth between the free and abstract to the concise and accurate. On every mental stage architects are encourage to switch to the most useful tool at every stage.

With the ongoing progress of highly technical design tools, the more haptic ,free and creative tools are abandoned due to their in efficient nature. This impacts the architecture industry as it changes from creative oriented to technician profession.

What if we could create an easy and bi-directional translation in a unified manner – so that a physical model will invoke the creation of a digital counter part – and vice versa. This way the work load would be automated leaving the architects free to produce a sustainable creative workflow

A fully integrated is system is here proposed, – connection motion recording robotic crafting and Computer vision to create a holistic working envioerment where in every step there exists a physical and a digital representation of the design.


as each part of the system contributes its values and abilities – i.e robotic reputability with digital accuracy and intuitive decision making process – a new set of possibilities emerges reinforcing a new state of mind, where the border between physical and digital design is blurred.